Do you consider yourself more a citizen of the world than of your own country?

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Source: Glocalities 2022 survey (hover for more information and caveats)

Glocalities is a research agency specialised in global surveys into values and culture. Please note that the figures presented per country are raw scores and not suited for comparing countries to each other, because in some cultures the likelyhood to agree to values statements in general in surveys is much higher than in others. This phenomenon is called acquiescence bias. The tendency to agree for example is very high in India and the Phillippines, while people in the Netherlands and Denmark tend to disagree more and people from Japan tend to choose the middle option more often, regardless of the content of the statement. Correcting for this bias goes beyond the purpose of this webpage. The samples for China, Phillipines, Turkey, South Africa, India, Brazil and Mexico are skewed towards higher educated people, because of the relatively low internet penetration in these countries.

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